Personal Support & Healing


Dependant on client need an individual session may include:

  • Hands on healing session to unwind and clear energy patterns that may be impacting physical, emotional, mental or spiritual issues.
  • Exploration of life patterns and experiences that are contributing to the experience of illness.
  • Support in how to help clients continue their own healing process

Spiritual Healing (Energy Therapy)

Spiritual Healing is experienced through hands-on healing, and works with the aura, or human energy field. This therapy balances the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies for an experience of well-being.

Hara Line Healing – Realigning to Life Purpose

Hara Healing realigns us to our original life task or purpose. Our hara line is an energetic expression of who we are at a fundamental level. Life often takes us away from our natural expression, and can be experienced as ‘off track’. Many of us express this through comments like ‘I’ve lost my path’ or ‘I can’t find my direction or purpose.’