Journey to Self – Reclaiming Your Blueprint

My Vision – Journey to self

journey to self

I see the journey to self as an exploration in helping people to claim their authentic self and find the freedom to express and bring their unique gifts into their world. From this position we can have an impact and expression in creating possibilities in our world’s vibration and future, which resonates with our wellbeing.

My vision for those undertaking the group facilitation and/or the healing qualification, is that they will be equipped and confident to create their own “Journey to Self” groups. Graduates can, in turn, create groups of their own.

As these groups form and grow, we being to weave together our individual essence and become Light Weavers. * See George Trevelyn, lamplighters, on my About Me page.

Together, Light Weavers can create and hold a vision for our future potential.

Those who complete the healing training will learn, not only the art and essence of healing, but will be able to pass on self healing practises to their clients. In this manner we embrace the need for self empowerment. This too is part of being Light Weaver, as we hold the space for others to reach their own light.

Our Journey to Self is one of the most intimate and powerful journeys we can ever travel.

From our earliest days through parental influences and adapting to the world, we begin to forget who we authentically are, until at some point in our life we feel a growing need to rediscover our own innate blueprint. This is the core belief that forms all my work, whether with groups or individuals.

The aim of these teachings is to enable each person to uncover the essence of their core qualities, and to help them learn to deal with central life issues while creating healthy, fulfilling relationships and balanced lives.

This course is about helping people understand their own life story and how to move more fully into their authentic self. I know that this journey to self is our true spiritual journey.