Principles of Practice

Principles of Practice

These Principles of Practice are intended to aid the healing work of the Brennan Healing Science Practitioner (“BHS Practitioner”), and to assist the public in selecting a healer with whom to create a rewarding healing relationship.

As a graduate of either the four-year Bachelor of Science Degree or Professional Studies Diploma Programs of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing (“BBSH”), the BHS Practitioner has completed an intensive study and practice of personal transformation, energy awareness and High Sense Perception, hands-on healing techniques, professional practice, creative arts, integrative care, and awareness of the connections between mind, body and emotions.

The BHS Practitioner’s primary objective is to support each client in his or her unique healing journey with competence, integrity, and compassion. The BHS Practitioner’s commitment is to create a safe, empathic, and life-affirming container to best facilitate the client’s healing and transformational process. In the broader context of community and world service, the BHS Practitioner applies his or her knowledge and training in support of the evolution of the human spirit.

In any given client session, the BHS Practitioner may employ varied techniques and incorporate elements of multiple modalities depending on the unique circumstances and needs of each client, and on the qualifications and skills of the BHS Practitioner. No set of rules can fully anticipate or regulate the variety of situations that the BHS Practitioner may face. The following Principles of Practice instead address important aspects of the BHS Practitioner’s intentionality and consciousness that the BHS Practitioner honestly monitors and clarifies during the course of the client relationship, both generally and in the moment.

Intention, Integrity, and Professional Responsibility

  1. The BHS Practitioner commits to use his or her training, skills, and intention in service of the health, welfare, and spiritual healing of the client.
  2. The BHS Practitioner provides those services commensurate with his or her training and competence, and refers the client to other healers and care providers in other disciplines as appropriate and necessary.
  3. The BHS Practitioner keeps current and competent in his or her field(s) of practice, through supervision, consultations, and continuing education.
  4. The BHS Practitioner does not offer, promise, or provide medical diagnoses or prescriptions (unless otherwise licensed to do so), and does not promise medical cures or recoveries.
  5. The BHS Practitioner clearly, accurately, and truthfully communicates to the client, prior to commencement of services, the general nature of the services that may be provided, fees and billing practices, and other policies and procedures of the BHS Practitioner.
  6. The BHS Practitioner also obtains the client’s consent to these services, or as appropriate the consent of the client’s legal guardian, prior to service.
  7. The BHS Practitioner respects the fundamental dignity, worth, and personal journey of all clients, regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, disability, language, and socioeconomic status.
  8. The BHS Practitioner strives to be aware of and sensitive to cultural, individual, and role differences.
  9. The BHS Practitioner respects the right of each client to hold values, attitudes, beliefs, and opinions that differ from the BHS Practitioner’s.
  10. The BHS Practitioner does not attempt to pressure or coerce the client into any action or belief, even if the BHS Practitioner believes such act or belief would serve the best interests of the client.
  11. The BHS Practitioner supports each client’s self-empowerment, self-determination, and transformational processes in learning to make life choices, and understanding the consequences of those choices.
  12. At the client’s written request or approval, and according to the capabilities, good conscience, and professional judgment of the BHS Practitioner, the BHS Practitioner may consult with the client’s other healers, therapists, physicians, and spiritual teachers, as appropriate to maximize the benefits to the client.