Student’s experience

This course has helped me to understand my life better, and in particular how my own learnt inner programming came about, how it led to difficulties and limitations in my life, and to repetitive and deeply held patterns of reacting. More importantly, by better understanding myself and the origins of these behaviours and patterns of feeling, I have gradually learnt how to change them for the better. I was always sceptical about how much we can change, but with greater awareness we can make better choices, make changes, and live more consciously, less reactively.

The biggest challenge for me was overcoming my reluctance to talk about my feelings to a group of strangers, but of course that was an essential part of the process of developing trust and letting go of defences. It soon felt like a safe and normal thing to do, as indeed it should be, in an ideal world. How easy is it to find that non-judgemental acceptance, and people who really listen, in everyday life?

The strangers soon became friends, and coming to the weekends after several weeks away felt like coming back home to a more real and comfortable way of being. The weekends became a very special space. Add to that the delicious lunches from the food we’d brought to share! Having the ongoing support of the group was immensely reassuring; it became a stable framework for what was a long process of self-discovery for all of us.

We kept in touch between modules to continue the mutual support, and kept the process bubbling away, by text, email, and phone-calls. The practice days we organised amongst ourselves helped us to continue to work on the themes that emerged at the weekends, as well as practising our skills. More lunches! Those of us staying in or near Monmouth also met up at the local Thai restaurant in the evening. Highly recommended!

The group became like a family, but one where you can safely share your deepest experiences and receive support and insights. It was so important also, and a privilege, to witness the journeys of others. It would be really difficult to do this work on your own, or one-to-one with a therapist.

At the end of it, I do feel more secure in my sense of myself, more at home with myself, and am a more authentic and happier person as a result. I have given up a lot of defensiveness, so feel freer. Many negative ways of thinking and feeling have just disappeared. Storms still come, but I do not feel so overwhelmed by them. I have the tools to understand my feelings, so can stand steadier.

Martin, course graduate

Rosie’s experience

Going through my divorce I heard about Helen’s course and I decided that I might benefit from the self-development that might help make sense of why my life had taken this turn. I was suffering from the expected emotions at the time; abandonment, anger, low self-esteem and fear for the future.

As soon as I met Helen and the other course-members I felt comfortable and heard and comforted. First, it was clear that this was truly a safe place to express emotions with little embarrassment. Second, I was amazed at how close to the surface people’s long-held images are.

The isolation I had felt in dealing with myself at this difficult time began to alleviate as I learned that every human being has their own unique issues that they struggle with. The confident look that most of us display to each other masks a cocktail of hurt and confusion that lurks ready to pounce!

During the weekends with Helen, we would arrive with these masks in place, drop them as we greeted each other, explore the hurt and confusion together, find the gold in ourselves and each other and leave feeling stirred, supported and ready to consolidate our new self-knowledge.

As the course unfolded we kept in touch between sessions if we wanted to, comparing notes as to how we were getting on with putting our newly discovered strengths into practice in our daily lives and supporting each other when emotions threatened us again. The thing was that we came to know each other so well that we could instantly connect and support each other, and discuss openly how it was for us living our lives between meetings.

It got to the stage where we would be able to respond to each other with such insight that it was a pleasure to gently point out where people were sinking back into old patterns that were holding them back, encourage them to risk using their unique qualities, rejoice with them as they made changes.

We are still in touch. Many of us have made quite radical changes to our home or working lives. Helen creates an environment where we can meet each other and review those changes and explore our future together.

Some years on, I go to days that Helen holds for her graduates. It doesn’t matter whether we studied together, people who have learned with Helen have an instant recognition and understanding that supports and challenges without judgement.

Helen’s courses change lives and free people to be themselves. I highly recommend them to anyone. If you are a human being, reward yourself with your