Ordnance Survey of the Soul!!The Journey to Self the best map I’ve yet found to the psyche.. With her gentle acceptance of who you are, Helen guides you through this journey and is able to bring you to deep realisations that – particularly when shared with the group – can become a powerful force for transformation. Through this work I have reached a greater understanding and compassion for myself and others. Helen has a particular gift for leading guided visualisations. From these journeys into myself I have come to a new and deeply insightful understanding of my true self.
Participating in one of Helen’s Journey to Self study groups has taken me on a journey of self-discovery – not always an easy journey, but certainly a fruitful and illuminating one. Helen is an extremely skilled and experienced guide on the journey to and through the levels of self; and her humour and loving care of participants has helped me explore hitherto unknown areas of myself (warts and all!!!). I would commend anyone considering the course to give it a try – you might be surprised at what you find, but Helen will certainly support you.
~Denise C~
You have great compassion and understanding in the way you run the course. I Feel totally safe and very nurtured in the environment you create. The material we cover is challenging but also very uplifting. It is a wonderful opportunity to explore, share and begin to heal our deep wounds. Many thanks and love.
~Ann R~
“Having reached my 40′s , my life was obviously being dictated by unhelpful patterns, which persisted despite years of personal work .My journey with Helen finally brought those persistent patterns out of the shadows and lovingly into the light. It has changed my life.”
~Ali R~
Journey to Self: This is an amazing course. Helen provides a safe and supportive space and an inspiring mix of visualisations, meditations, group discussions and creative work, together with her wonderful insight, knowledge and caring energy. You work with what is right for you at the time – I am three quarters of the way through the course and can already see it will be life changing – the course has definitely found me at the right time.
~Elaine C~
The Journey to Self course helped me become aware of how early childhood experiences had shaped the way I experience myself, the world, and others. How we all hide our real selves behind a mask. How our shadow self continues to sabotage us for as long as it is unrecognised. How by recognising and understanding our negativities we can begin to transform them. Helen is a very experienced, gifted and supportive teacher and guide on the journey to self-discovery. I would thoroughly recommend this course for anyone interested in expanding their self-knowledge!”
~Martin W~
Attending this course has enabled me to make step changes in my life. Helen nurtures an environment in which students are enabled to explore their true selves – good and bad in a non-judgemental, supportive environment, to understand why they behave the way they do and by identifying / becoming aware of this, to break old destructive behaviour and attitudes.
~Anna W~