Personal Transformation

“The healing journey is our movement towards health and happiness.”
~Helen Stott~


Helen Stott transformation and training has been created through my training and experience both as a healer, and group facilitator over the last twenty years.
As a healer, or energy therapist, I work with individuals to support their journey to health, through exploring life issues on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.
This training system is called journey to self – Reclaiming your blueprint.

Course Content

  • For those wishing to explore this journey simply for their own transformation and development, “Journey to Self” is offered as a one, two or three year programme.
  • Each year consists of four, three-day modules over the year. Each module explores an aspect of self, and builds over the four modules. The three days can be a Sat/Sun/Mon or Fri/Sat/Sun, whichever falls more easily for each group.
  • Participants are welcome to do as many years as required, but please note that a full year must be undertaken. Modules are not offered as standalone experiences. Refer to information on one-off weekends, in workshops.
  • Ongoing exploration in the form of personal work is offered between the modules. This is to support your journey, and to offer a deepening of your experience. However, this is not a requirement.

Module One

  • Who were we at birth, what gifts and lessons did we incarnate with?
  • Exploring our stories and images – Who am I ? and Who have I become?
  • Acceptance of All of Self

Module Two

  • Understanding our defences, on both the psychological and energetic (auric) levels
  • How have these defences affected our lives and relationships
  • How do we begin to allow our defences to transform

Module Three

  • Exploring our shadow or lower self
  • Understanding and releasing the deep wisdom and personal gifts held with our shadow

Module Four

  • Meeting our higher self – emerging into the fullness of who we are
  • Welcoming ourselves back home

Second Year

  • Deepens the journey and knowledge explored in year one.

Third year

  • Two of the four modules will be assisting with a new first year group to explore the skills required as a facilitator.