Accreditation as Group Facilitator

“The healing journey is our movement towards health and happiness.”
~Helen Stott~


Helen Stott transformation and training has been created through my training and experience both as a healer, and group facilitator over the last twenty years.
As a group facilitator I offer programmes and workshops to bring about transformation within lives, and also offer an accredited training system for people to enter into the professional world of energy therapy and group facilitation.
This training system is called journey to self – Reclaiming your blueprint.

Course Content

Each year of the journey to Self consists of four, three-day modules over the year. Each module explores an aspect of self, and builds over the four modules. The three days can be a Sat/Sun/Mon or Fri/Sat/Sun, whichever falls more easily for each group.

To obtain full accreditation as a group facilitator, all three years must be completed.
Ongoing exploration in the form of personal work is assigned between the modules. This is to support your journey, and to offer a deepening of your experience. Individual supervision sessions over the years are also required.

Module One

  • Who were we at birth, what gifts and lessons did we incarnate with?
  • Exploring our stories and images – Who am I ? and Who have I become?
  • Acceptance of All of Self

Module Two

  • Understanding our defences, on both the psychological and energetic (auric) levels
  • How have these defences affected our lives and relationships
  • How do we begin to allow our defences to transform

Module Three

  • Exploring our shadow or lower self
  • Understanding and releasing the deep wisdom and personal gifts held with our shadow

Module Four

  • Meeting our higher self – emerging into the fullness of who we are
  • Welcoming ourselves back home

Second Year

  • Deepens the journey and knowledge explored in year one.

Third year

  • Two of the four modules will be assisting with a new first year group to explore the skills required as a facilitator.