Hara Line Healing

“The healing journey is our movement towards health and happiness.”
~Helen Stott~

Hara Line Healing – Realigning to Life Purpose

Hara Healing realigns us to our original life task or purpose. Our hara line is an energetic expression of who we are at a fundamental level. Life often takes us away from our natural expression, and can be experienced as ‘off track’. Many of us express this through comments like ‘I’ve lost my path’ or ‘I can’t find my direction or purpose.’

When we are reconnected to our Haric dimension, life

Hara line photo

  • Becomes clearer and more defined
  • Our purpose unfolds
  • Clarity can be experienced in all levels of our life.

Hara line healing is most suited to people who are already involved in the journey of self-exploration or healing and are ready to make fundamental changes in their lives. This therapy requires four sessions, usually based over a few months.

  • Session one – Discussion of client’s current life and issues. Information and practical exercises in working with the Hara Line. Hands on healing to prepare aura or energy field for Hara work
  • Session two and three – Hara Line Healings
  • Session four – Integration and understanding of hara healing sessions, and work with Core Star essence.


Sessions one and four are about an hour and a half, and cost £60.00. Session two and three are about an hour, and cost £50.00.